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Improv dance workshop inspired by Romanian Dance Company

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - During a study abroad trip last summer, a Northern Michigan University student brought home more than college credit.

Niikah Hatfield learned "The 7 Concepts" developed by the Kid A Dance Company in Romania.

Now teaching Improv Dance Workshops every Tuesday night at the Queen City Arts Co-op of Marquette, Hatfield invites all to come and explore improv and contemporary movements in a safe place open to all levels of experience.

Hatfield hopes to share more than just dance with those who attend her workshops.

"The concepts they were teaching translated into my everyday life and dance was just the medium for that,” Hatfield said. “To share that with people, and help people here move and get in touch with themselves, it's closer to what I could say is my deepest purpose in life."

The series of workshops build upon concepts each week, drop-ins are welcome to come and dance.

A $5 to $10 donation is suggested to cover the cost of studio space.

-Paige Spisak, TV 6

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