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Ether & Bone

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sifting through the layers of time, Ether & Bone is a journey through the deep, flowing, and alive experiences of being human.

Recorded in The Tune Shack studio on Lake Superior with amazing musicians Noah Pickett, Gretchen McKenzie, and Stan Berry, all songs on the album are originally composed and take on a new life with the band. I'm incredibly thankful to Myles Walimaa for the production wizadry, and Ryan Staples of Dead River Sound for mastering.

Ether & Bone is available on all streaming platforms. You can also donate to the project through the link below, and purchase hard copies on Bandcamp.

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  • Bandcamp
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Listen to the interview with Kurt Hauswirth on Public Radio 90 here
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Existence is Niikah Hatfield's debut solo album, released in 2018 from a small apartment recording studio in Marquette, Michigan. Filled with excitement to experience the world, the album sweeps between sunrise, whispers, and a lingering crescent moon. 

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