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Emerging from the wilderness, Niikah is an artist & singer-songwriter from the north woods of Michigan. Dancing between reality and the ethers, her work is in constant conversation with the world. 

She grew up on a small family farm near the coast of Lake Superior, and between homeschooling, wandering through the woodlands, and working in the fields, she gained a deep appreciation for the cycles of life, hard work, and a deep connection with nature.


After studying Ceramics at Northern Michigan University and abroad in Romania, Niikah started Niik Creative Co. in 2020. The small studio, located on Presque Isle in Marquette, is the heart of a thriving business with a mission to bring unique and creative home goods that inspire presence in everyday life.

The thread that emerges amid the breadth of her creative endeavors is one of deep inquiry into the interconnectedness of all things. Laced with a desire to better understand the world we live in, her creative expression becomes a way of life. 


Leaning into the experiences that make up life is the nectar of living, and art is the medium.


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2905 Island Beach Rd, Marquette, MI 49855 /  Tel. 906.360.4453

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Niikah Hatfield music
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